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'sindikit makes End of Year best of... Lists!

we are honored to be named on Art F City and The Pew Center for Arts and Heritage's end of year lists!

Art F City - Best of Everything 2016

"A lot of artist run spaces say they focus on strengthening artist’s ability to collaborate and create simply by giving artists a studio or a show space. ‘sindikit, a new artist run space in Baltimore founded by Tim Doud and Zoe Charlton is a little more directed in their curatorial approach. In one gallery they invite an emerging artist from Baltimore to collaborate with a more established artist from another city. In another gallery, they invite artists to create a show from work that would normally be considered an outlier in their regular studio practice.

I love this approach to showing because it focuses on strengthening an artist’s studio practice without paying heed to the market. In other words, shows like this are hard to sell because they break from the artist’s “known” production, but are good for the growth of artists. We need more spaces like this." Paddy Johnson

ArtFCity says so!


“Jeannie Simms, Sindikit. I’m taking off, it means I’m leaving now: a startlingly inventive operatic video shot in Greece. Castoffs collected from where asylum seekers cross (over 856,000 arrivals in 2015) imprint four Lesbos Cyanotypes. Also, Tim Doud and Zoe Charlton’s commitment to politics and art dinner discussions. Baltimore. Local artist spaces.” Amy Sadao, Daniel W. Dietrich, II Director, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania

thanks for the shout out, Amy Sadao!

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