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'sindikit promotes Performance as Protest!

like many of you, we were intently listening to public radio, watching the news, and following threads on social media to stay up to date on the coverage of the 2016 US presidential election. we were struck by the need to do something, we felt stuck. it was reassessment time. protests and vigils were occurring all over the country, throughout the world. and the form of these protests varied depending on people's access to a platform that they could use and suited their purposes.

we considered the pursuit of | 'sindikit |:

We understand the economies of space and the politics of opportunity; both can be used, given, manipulated, shared, bogarted, and democratized to uplift, undermine, engage, estrange, and support communities and ideas

with 'sindikit FPS curator Jaimes Mayhew, we opened up our space to host an impromptu performance called Thirteen Ways to Protest.

Thirteen Ways to Protest explores artists' personal protest tactics through a series of five minute performances. These personal protest tactics involve anything that could be revolutionary on a personal level, including self-care, cathartic acts, subversive actions and any other creative way to protest. Jaimes Mayhew, artist, curator, educator

participating performance artists:

Shannon Young, Melbourne, Australia

Lisa Moren, Baltimore, MD

Mollye Bendell, Baltimore, MD

Marian April Glebes, Baltimore, MD

Rick Delaney, Baltimore MD

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