'sindikit Community Conversations #2: DESIDERIUM

a significant element of | 'sindikit | programming includes topical, community driven events. we've partnered with artists, creatives, and culture producers in the immediate region to host a series of Jeffersonian-style dinners that relate to the projects on view. these invitational dinners are structured around the artists’ interests. tonight's Community Conversation was organized by interdisciplinary artist and 'sindikit FPS curator Jaimes Mayhew. artists Joseph Faura and Jordan Sanford centered the discussion around their performance DESIDERIUM. our conversation covered grief and loss, the social and cultural impact of a vigil, models of direct action, and the need for public cathars

'sindikit Friday Performance Series DESIDERIUM

artist and curator Jaimes Mayhew organized his second Friday Performance Series at | 'sindikit |! one of the pursuits of the | 'sindikit | project is to provide opportunities for artists to work outside of their individual practices and experiment with another medium. with this in mind, Jaimes curated Jordan Sanford and Joseph Faura to create a collaborative performance. Jordan and Joseph serve as the intermediaries between participants and the elemental forces by embodying sacred entities who “consume” the grief of others, to in turn help us remember, heal, and cleanse ourselves—and each other—from our personal and collective grief. their performance called on those in attendance to collab

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