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'sindikit studio visits

what's our favorite part of | 'sindikit |? studio visits!!

in preparation for our inclusion in Artscape 2016, we culled the Janet & Walter Sondheim Prize submissions for artist pairings. we thoroughly enjoyed the process of looking through each artists' images and making lists of who we could invite for Project #3.

you may already know that | 'sindikit | is a project space for artists to create experimental work or develop a project that expands their practices. what you may not know is that as much as

| 'sindikit | gives artists room to explore, it's a collaborative project for us. each studio visit we do confirms that most artists have tangential parts of their practices that are underserved or rarely seen. in the case of the Project #3 artists, each artist expanded upon what they already do to

re-present their work in ways that made relationships with the spaces in which they work, responded to another artist, or referenced objects that they already made.

from March to May, we visited the studios of Carolyn Case, Zimra Beiner, Cindy Cheng, and Cheeny Celebrado-Royer.

carolyn case zimra beiner

after seeing the portfolios of Cindy Cheng and Cheeny Celebrado-Royer, we invited these two material focused artists to create a collaborative installation in space 1. from June-July, they used space 1 as a shared studio. it was amazing to see the project space transform on a weekly basis! Cindy and Cheeny were our official (and first) Artists in Residence!!

cheeny in cindy's studio cindy in cheeny's studio

thank you Carolyn, Zimra, Cheeny, and Cindy for opening up your studios for us! we had the best time visiting with you!

the | 'sindikit | project is partially supported by the Grit Fund, a Regional Regranting Program administered by The Contemporary and funded by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the Robert W. Deutsch


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